ARLAW offers legal aid services aimed at the recovery of debts, through a proven procedure in years of experience aimed at obtaining payment out of court and in the event of non-payment, through legal proceedings.

The Firm also boasts experts in the international field able to assist the Customer at all courts even in the execution phase directly in the country in which it takes place (except for the United Kingdom and Denmark for which a different discipline applies).

The Firm is able to obtain on behalf of its Customers a valid and enforceable payment order in all European countries, pursuant to Regulation EC No. 1896/2006 known as “European Order for Payment Procedure”the purpose of which is to reduce the time and costs of cross-border disputes concerning uncontested claims.

Having obtained the Executive Title and verified the creditworthiness of the debtor, the Firm identifies the most suitable judicial instruments to enforce the claims, following the Clients until the actual satisfaction of the claims.

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