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  • – Corporate and commercial
  • – IP law
  • – Marittime law
  • – Banking law
  • – Digital media

Anna Realmuto, after graduating in law, has become an expert in the field of transport law, civil and commercial litigation, and arbitration.

For more than 20 years, She has been assisting clients before the Company Court, the Chambers of Business and Arbitration in all EU and international commercial and transport disputes.

She has a specialization in the field of responsibility ex 231/01 also in the third sector and offers advice and assistance to companies in the techniques of preparation of organizational management and control models, as well as the specific protocols required by the same decree, with attention to the identification of risk areas of commission of crimes, the evaluation of the internal control system and the identification of corrective areas.

Anna assists and advises on the preparation, adaptation and implementation of organizational models, including the preparation of the documentation of the activity carried out – documentary examination and interviews – for the purposes of the development of the model, and the drafting of specific protocols in relation to the business processes concerned, the code of ethics and the sanction system, the rules for the functioning of the supervisory body and the protocols relating to the audits carried out by the latter, as well as the internal audits which are a prerequisite for this, and finally participation in the supervisory body, as a member or adviser to the supervisory body.

Founding member of RETE NAZIONALE FORENSE territorial section of Sicily (RNF Sicily), She is a member of the Presidency office, and She is a contact person of the Study Center for the subject of international law, taking care of the organization of training events.

She speaks fluent Italian and English.

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