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  • – TAX Law
  • – MOG and ODV d.lgs 231/2001
  • – Banking law
  • – Planning tax

Dr. Antonio Scargiali, after graduating in Economics and Commerce and the compulsory traineeship, obtained the qualification to practice the profession of Accountant and Auditor, enrolling in the Order of Palermo and the register of Statutory Auditors.

Member of the Register of Technical Experts and Technical Consultants Office in accounting matters of the Court of Palermo, since 2003 he has held the role of Technical Consultant and Expert appointed by the Judges of the Civil and Criminal Chambers, for the preparation of consultancies in the accounting field.

To date he has drawn up over 150 Technical Accounting Reports, mainly on the subject of banking litigation before the Companies section, as well as in labour law for the specific section, within the company law, and even before the Criminal Court Section Preventive Measures for the verification of the adequacy of assets and tax declarations of the proposed.

Thanks to the professionalism acquired in the aforementioned field, he has drawn up over 100 Party technical advice on the subject of anatocism and bank usury, exceeding threshold rates, collaborating to detect the criticalities of current account and mortgage contracts with the consequent right to the restitution of the illegitimate interest applied.

It is noted that, Dr. Scargiali is constantly updated about the evolution of the subject of banking litigation having contacts with numerous studies and associations for the consultation of all the most recent judgments in this regard.

He is fluent in Italian and in English.

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