The Law Firm also provides advice and assistance in matters of family law and deals with all the legal aspects of the family, de facto cohabitation and civil unions, even with international profiles, with particular reference to separation and divorce procedures – consensual, judicial or through assisted negotiation – custody of minors, ancillary economic conditions (maintenance of the weaker spouse and children, allocation of the family home, transfers of property between spouses, division of common property) and the causes of paternity disqualification or judicial declaration thereof, changes or additions to the surname and adoption of minors before the Juvenile Court.

Many professionals of the Firm perform the functions of Special Curatorship of the minor, activities aimed at finding the best solution in the patrimonial and successory relationships, and are experts in the subjects of: living will, protection of the incapacitated, violation of the obligations of family care and ill-treatment in the family, change of sex, state of abandonment and adoptibility, interdiction and incapacitation of incapacitated subjects, administration of support for needy people.

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