Practice Areas

  • Insurance and banking law
  • Tax law
  • Rental law
  • Custom law

Avv. Ivana Sardina, after graduating in Law, has collaborated immediately with the largest Italian banking group, gaining considerable experience and becoming an expert in the field of banking law. At the same time, She is engaged in civil and tax litigation, with particular reference to the recovery of claims also NPL.

For over 20 years She has assisted her Clients before the Courts operating, therefore, in the judicial field, but over the years she  also has acquired a considerable capacity for mediation aimed at achieving settlement agreements, thus managing to overcome the conflicts between the parties resulting from disagreements of a contractual nature, resulting in a deflation of the litigation and at the same time to satisfy the reasons of its customers.

Among, the most cared for areas include: the bank litigation with regard to mortgage contracts and current accounts, in relation to usury and anatocism; the recovery of claims for companies and individuals; family law; rental law and tax law.

In banking matters She uses consultants who  assess the merits of the contractual criticality and the quantification of undue.

She is fluent in Italian and English.


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